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How to get your music heard in 2020!

So you are an artist and want to make 2020 your year? You want to get new fans through a Spotify playlist promotion, Facebook Ads or YouTube? Then this article is for you. We will tell you what to do and why. So let us start. Create good music and do it often! We want…

The Best Spotify Promotion in Europe

The Best Spotify Promotion in Europe – Here’s how it’s done! Have you ever wondered how you can get new fans through Spotifiy in Europe? We made the best Spotify promotion in Europe and we will show you why. Just stay with us for a moment and we will not only show you how the…

How to get a top playlist placement as a musician!

There are so many good and talented musicians out there, maybe you are one of them. At a certain point you won’t get around playlist placement in streaming platforms. That’s why we wrote this guide about playlist placement. It will help you to promote your songs on various platforms. But first, we will show you…